Sunday, January 07, 2007

Anxiously waiting...

I have been following with some interest Scott Andersen's (NE1RD) blog concerning his upcoming Buddipole DXpedition to Monserrat this month. I have been feeling the anxiety of him trying to organize everything down to the smallest detail. I just finished reading his latest installment and we often forget about simple things, like food. Once he gets back, I want to pick his brain more about the logistics, especially since Larry and I are planning our own mini-dxpedition to the mountains of Virginia when the weather breaks. Of course, if the weather was like today (in the 70's), we could go on one of my days off!!!

I am interested into going on a DXpedition myself one day, so this is an interesting topic to me. Plus, since they are using Buddipoles, I want to see if I might be able to work them with mine!!!! That would be cool!!! A two-way Buddipole DX QSO!

Of course, I have to get through other things first. I need to send out the logs for the RAC winter contest. Then today is Kid's Day and John is definitely wanting to participate. So, I know what I will be doing this afternoon after church. This is his second Kid's Day, and like Dad, he wants to beat his previous score!

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